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    Structural Steel Guide

    Corresponds to the 15th Edition of the AISC Steel Construction Manual On both sides of this convenient wheel chart over 240 of the most popular structural sections including Wide Flange Beams, I Beams, Light Beams, Miscellaneous Beams, Junior Beams and Columns, and Standard Channels are arranged in order of size and weight for quick, easy reference.

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    Steel Weight Finder

    The most widely used steel weight circular slide chart in the world with over 1,000 steel products generally carried in Steel Service Centers.

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    Piping Selector

    This slide-chart illustrates make-up dimensions for socketweld, o-let, threaded and malleable iron fittings for normal pipe sizes 2" and smaller in a sliding sleeve format.

  • Date Forecasters.png

    Date Forecasters

    The  Date Forecaster is a favorite tool for schedulers and planners in all industries governments and businesses.

  • Jobber 6 bigcal6.jpg

    Jobber 6

    The Jobber 6 is the first of its kind to use feet, inches and fractions to perform precise calculations to within thousandths of an inch . It is the most complete construction and mechanical calculator ever.

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