Jobber - 6

The Jobber 6 is the first of its kind to use feet, inches, and fractions to perform precise calculations to within  thousandths of an inch.  It is the most complete  construction and mechanical calculator ever.

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What can the jobber 6 do?  Virtually everything you need in calculating a building project.  
Squaring up building or frames    Laying out walls and equipment        Circles & Segments of a circle    Area of circles & Triangles          Degrees, Minutes, Seconds    Circle Arches,     Hip/Valley (Pitch & Degree)    Rake (Walls or Grades)  Hip/Valley Beam Length        Board feet,    Cubic  yards and Square yards

Instant Conversion of all types of measurement with the touch of a button.
    FIS or Feet—Inch—Sixteenths
    Metric—millimeters (2393.95 mm)
    Decimal (7.8541610)
    Inches (94.25)
    Inches w/ fractions (94 1/4”)
    Add, subtract, divide, multiply between          any types of format

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